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Captain, Amura II Yacht
Christian was born and raised in Santiago de Chile. At a young age he moved away from the city and discovered his passion for sailing, diving and the sea. He became a dive master and bought his first sailboat. He owned a dive shop and was leading diving expeditions throughout various islands off the coast of South and Central America, when he decided to pursue a life that would allow him to live full-time on sea. He sailed through Chile’s southern shores, all the way up north to Mexico. He sailed through the Caribbean for over fifteen years. 2013 Christian has found his new paradise and home the islands of the Bahamas. Other than sailing and travelling Christian has got a passion for Fitness, Yoga and healthy food. As the skipper and owner of Yacht Amura, with around 45.000 sea miles, Christian is a well-experienced sailor, who would love to take you to the most beautiful islands of the Bahamas.


Chef, Amura II Yacht
Marie is from Germany, where she went to nutrition and health school and became a Hotel Industry Expert. Marie worked in the hospitality industry, in Australia, the Galapagos Islands, Austria and Germany. She took cooking classes around the world, to make her hobby to a profession. 2015 she started working on Catamaran Amura in the Bahamas. As healthy food lovers, Captain Christian and Marie are taking pride to do their best, in purchasing the freshest and organic ingredients and supporting local farmers and businesses. Marie feels privileged to work in paradise on Amura and loves sharing so many special moments with her guests on the sea. As the first mate and Chef, Marie looks forward to welcoming you with a big smile, tasty appetizers and a glass of champagne aboard the Amura Catamaran.


Captain, Whispers Yacht
Captain Noel brings with him 6 years of vast experience in the yachting industry. He has both motor and sailing yacht experience with qualifications that include AEC Engineering Course. Currently he is acquiring qualifications for the Yacht Master Ocean Certificate. During the years spent onboard, he has sailed along the coasts of Turkey, throughout the Mediterranean Sea and discovered the picturesque Caribbean shores. He also has captained an Atlantic crossing. Always striving for perfection, detail-oriented, enthusiast of the sea, Noel is a praiseworthy captain who knows how to make your holiday dreams come true. Hailing from France, apart from his mother tongue, Noel is fluent in Spanish and English and is looking forward to welcoming his guests on board of Whispers II.


Chef & Hostess, Whispers Yacht
Talented, dedicated and highly creative, these are just a few qualities, which make Patricia a perfect chef. Patricia originally from Spain, also fluent in French and English, has 6 years of yacht chartering experience in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean Sea. She easily adapts her menu depending on her guest’s expectations. Patricia is always giving priority to fresh and local products. She is an experienced vegan, vegetarian and gluten free cook but also enjoys cooking the French, Italian and Asian Cuisine. Patricia would like to invite you on a delightful culinary journey throughout the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea on Whispers II.
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