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Staying in Shape at Sea

Keep that vacation bod you’ve worked so hard for on lock! We’ve got all the tips and tricks to sneak in some enjoyable workouts while still feeling like you’re on vacation. And don’t forget to pack any workout gear or running shoes you may need during your trip to make exercising more comfortable. We’re spilling all the secrets on how to turn your Mast Charters vacation into your own personal gym session: 


Meditation and stretching under the Bahamian sun? Count us in! Our boat deck is the perfect spot for every yogi onboard. Not only is yoga a peaceful way to start each day, but it also builds muscle strength, increases blood flow and bumps up your heart rate. So unroll those yoga mats and get your zen on, Bahamas style.

Beach Runs

When we do finally arrive on the shore, beach runs are a great way to take in the true beauty of the Bahamas all while getting a great workout in! Running on the sand builds your strength, increases your calorie burn and boosts your performance. The sand offers great resistance training, with a free view of some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Pro tip: check out our perfect workout playlist to help motivate you on your run!


Nothing beats a swim workout in the crystal-blue, warm Bahamian waters! Once we anchor or arrive on an island, you can take your casual swim to a whole new level. Swimming works out your whole body and is a great option for people with health conditions or injuries. To reward yourself for your great workout, swim up to the shore or boat deck for a fruity, cold cocktail.


A quick ab workout on the boat deck is the perfect way to keep your beach body happy and healthy in between excursions! In 30 minutes or less, you can accomplish a core-engaging workout that will make you break a sweat! Our favorites? Planks, crunches, leg lifts and bicycle riders. Complete a few sets of each to get your heart rate pumping!


In need of some more cardio during your charter (we all need to offset the Piña Coladas)? To get your heart rate up in place, we recommend supplementing with some HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts. Burpees, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, oh my! Pair with low resistance strength training for an insane workout in 30 minutes or less. P.S. Let our team know ahead of time if you plan on working out during your charter. We’ll do our best to supply free weights, stationary bikes and more to ensure you can get moving whenever you want. 

Be sure to get the most out of your charter experience by asking any of our team members for help or suggestions while you’re on the charter. Book now: